“Awesome Quote Challenge”

My dear yellow readers!!!! I have been nominated by the sweet Brittany Anna for an “Awesome Quote Challenge”, which consists in just a few rules:

  1. For three consecutive days, you have to post a quote.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Each day you have to nominate three different bloggers.
  4. Let the blogger know that you have nominated them. 

So now it´s time to share my quote. Quotes are actually one of my favorite things. It´s so fascinating how someone can put into words what i feel or think in such a beautiful way (that i could have never done by myself). Since i have thousands of quotes i love, it´s hard to share my most favorite one. So i decided that i will simply share the first quote that comes to my mind during these next 3 days!

The one i thought of today is one by George Carlin which says: “Everyone smiles in the same language”. I simply adore this quote. It is so short and simple but has so much depth inside, and i think it is very very true.

niñoo copia

Smiling is one of the most magical ways to communicate. One that is universally understood and that, despite our differences, we all have in common. It is what connects all of us.

A smile for me, is the reflection of our humanity and our capacity to express love and acceptance. It is just such a lovely and welcoming gesture that can make anyone feel appreciated and seen.

The picture you see here is one that perfectly exemplifies this quote for me. It shows the radiant face of a boy i met in Jordan who captivated my soul. Even though he just knew a few english words our language barriers werent a problem for understanding each other. He knew how to smile in such a beautiful way (with his eyes and whole being), and by it i felt so connected with him.

When i see his picture i wish i had the chance to get to know more of his story. But i like to think that with that simple gesture, he expressed far more than if we would have talked for hours and hours. It reminds me how sometimes a smile is the best way to truly see and understand another person, no matter the place they come from or the language they speak. Isnt it awesome to think we can go literally anywhere and reach out to others just by using our smile? So why not to use more our common language?

Today, let´s gift each other with the warmth of a sincere smile.  Im sure smiling will not only feed your soul, but it can also make a difference in someone’s day (plus it makes anyone look much more adorable). We cant imagine the impact a smile can make, just give it a try. Wear a smile. Im sure it will be contagious. 

I wish you also like the simplicity yet powerful meaning this quote has. And i would love to get to know your opinion as well as the quotes that you personally love!

So today i nominate:

Johanna Rosberg

Nicky M

Benjamin Ngiam

Im already excited to read your posts!!!! 💛 💛 

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