Hello lovely people, welcome to my dear yellow world, a place where there´s always “scope for imagination” and everyone is accepted and loved!!!!

This site is founded on the belief that we all get the choice on the way we want to see the world. It is sometimes hard to do it cause we all go through not so colorful moments along our lives, but what i want you to know is that no matter the pain, no matter the circumstances, the world is still full of sunflowers, golden rays and magic all around.

My dream is to remind you that our darkness doesnt define us. That healing exists and that even among all the pain we can be sure we will eventually find some little yellow sparkles in our lives.

Yellow symbolizes happiness, enlightenment, celebration, renewal and hope. So this blog wants to restore hope and celebrate one another. This color is also associated with purity and light, which for me represents the presence of God; so my vision is to encourage others to be real and feel free to be who He created them to be.

It is the color of traffic lights and signs that indicate caution all over the world. So this blog hopes to be a warning place to fight against the dark, to stop and take a moment to look for the yellow in every situation and to use the hard times and trials to bless and help others.

It is a world with the color of the sun. A warmth place which seeks to make people feel valued and seen, recognize their unique beauty and worth and make them know they are not alone.

My dear yellow world is the place my heart dreams of and tries to live in. It is a way of seeing life and every experience we may be at. So my hope is to be completely open and honest, to share my story and getting to know yours. To create a space where we together seek grace, encouragement and love.

Thank you for traveling to this world of mine, im very happy to have you here and i hope you will enjoy your stay. 💛

“Now we are having beautiful warm, windless weather that is very beneficial to me. The sun, a light that for lack of a better word I can only call yellow, bright sulphur yellow, pale lemon gold. How beautiful yellow is!” Vincent Van Gogh.

37 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. I´m glad you think the same way about yellow!!!! And thanks for bringing positivity to my blog!!!!… I absolutely fell in love with that name!! (i really like greek mythology)!! Wishing you a lovely day,
      Xanthe (or Carola) 💛

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      1. Today i will go for a coffee with a friend.. and then for dinner or something with a sister-friend!!!! Your plans sounds good, i love eating haha!!! Hope you have something delicious for today 💛 xox

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  1. What a lovely world you’ve created and now I’m very happy to be a part of it! Thanks for following my blog and leading me to your world of sun… I love it! Particularly as the weather here in the UK is so very dreary at the moment – now I have a little ray of sunshine I can pop over to when I need to feel the warm summer rays.. x

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    1. Wendy!!! this makes me so so happy!!!! I love that we are now blogging friends!!! It´s wonderful that you are from the UK, and hopefully i will bring you a feeling of warmth whenever you need!!!! I wish you a lovely lovely day my dear 💛

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      1. And this is very much reciprocated and I have absolutely no doubt that your posts will continue to bring a ray of sunshine to our gloomy Manchester weather! Thank you and you have a brilliant day too. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful it is to connect with like minded people from around the World which never would have been possible just a few short years ago.. xx

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      2. I really do hope so!!! At least i promise you can always talk to me whenever you need some warmth!!!! Im also amazed by this marvelous connections!! it is simply amazing i have found someone like you 💛

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  2. What a wonderful post! I so agree with you saying we can determine how we view the world. The fact is that we are very lucky growing up in rich Western countries our circumstances could be much worse and many people’s are. When I had severe OCD and when I was a traumatised child I saw the world as a dark frightening place where danger lurked everywhere and I had to do crazy rituals to keep myself safe. After I upped my dose of medication and had trauma therapy the PTSD that was causing me to view the world so darkly melted. There are dark events in the world – such as the attack in France yesterday – but if we are healed inside, as I am now, we do not have to see the whole world as dark. Thanks for following my blog.

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    1. Woooow i adore your comment.. i so agree with that, i think we have been very lucky.. but even with that we all can go through difficult times, this comes for everybody! I´ve also had a very very dark time and couldnt see the sunshine till i healed inside!!! Im glad to know you are great right now, and i send you a very warm hug and much love 💛 💛 💛 thanks for stopping by!!


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