dadddMy dad is always the first to read my words, the biggest enthusiast and encourager of my blog. So, today on his special day, i wanted to gift him some words about him that i carry on my soul. Because his life is something the world needs to celebrate and know.

He truly is the best man I´ve ever known. He is a legend. The kind of person that just makes life better. The prime example of someone who lays his life down to put others above. Any ounce of goodness that I have in me is because of him and i owe him a lot. He has taught me so much.

Today he turns 60 (I honestly can’t believe it, he is so young-hearted) so we asked his loved ones to send a video with some words. And one of his friends said something that blew me away. I never heard a better description of his presence on earth. He said that throughout all the years they have known each other he has never heard my dad talking bad about someone or doing something bad. Not at all.

And I could perfectly keep up those words. Because it’s real. It´s true. My dad has never ever acted wrong. He has never done something in order to hurt. He has never made others feel less through his actions or words. Instead, he has always been there to support everyone he knows.

And personally, i can’t think of something more inspiring than knowing after 60 years living on earth there is someone in this world who has always been firm to his values. Who has kept loyal and honest and kind through it all. Someone nobody could ever say something bad of. Because to know him is to love him. There’s simply no other alternative but to love. He wins it with every single thing he does.

My dad is sacrificial, patient, generous and intelligent. He is compassionate, tender and always gives without the expectation to receive. He is humble, gentle and strong. He is supportive and encouraging and got a sense of humor that can reach anyone. He is incredibly talented, always good-natured and caring. And i am pretty sure he is the closest thing to Jesus on this world.

Because he has been there through all the changes in my life and is the one that loves me when i am not easy to love. The one who forgives my faults and is there to show me a better path. The one who celebrates who i am. The person that i can call about everything and who deals with my crap without even complaining about. The one who listens willingly and speaks when necessary. The one that makes me feel accepted and loved. The one who has never stopped praying or fighting for the ones he loves. The one that makes everyone laugh and enjoy the time.

Pupps, I truly cannot express enough gratitude for all you have done. In the 23 years I have known you, you have always smile, calm and give away love. You have been the most present dad i could ever think of. And every time you walk in the room I always want people to know I’m related to you. Because being your daughter is the biggest honor and treasure I own.

Thank you for listening to my endless thoughts and taking care of me when i couldn’t do it myself. For offering me comfort and making me laugh even in moments when I couldn’t smile. For putting your day on hold just to be with me or help me when I’m lost. For being my driver, counselor and number one bully. For teaching me how to answer with jokes. For showing me to appreciate nature and the little things on this world. For your sincere hugs. For telling me about your childhood and filling mine with laughter and fun.

Thanks for being the person that can make something beautiful out of nothing. The person who can fix anything my clumsy hands tend to destroy.The one who lets me shout song lyrics at any time. Thank you for being my constant laugh. For filling the house with music and warmth. For supporting me on my dreams. For being a beacon of peace and hope. For never giving up.

Dad, thank you for sharing, encouraging, listening…thank you for staying. Thank you for being YOU!!! You are the most selfless and best man in the world. Thank you for being such a great brother to your siblings, for loving mom so much, for always keeping the family together. You truly bless those around you with your friendship and unconditional love. Your loyalty is breathtaking. Thank you for being the #1 dad and setting an example for the man I want to marry someday. You are my safe place. My home.

Every day I get with you is a gift. I’m happy the world got to experience that for 6 decades now!!!!!!! You deserve to be celebrated every day!! I LOVE YOU PUPPS!!! Wish you the best and most yellow year of all.  💛 💛


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