dadddMy dad is always the first to read my words, the biggest enthusiast and encourager of my blog. So, today on his special day, i wanted to gift him some words about him that i carry on my soul. Because his life is something the world needs to celebrate and know.

He truly is the best man I´ve ever known. He is a legend. The kind of person that just makes life better. The prime example of someone who lays his life down to put others above. Any ounce of goodness that I have in me is because of him and i owe him a lot. He has taught me so much.

Today he turns 60 (I honestly can’t believe it, he is so young-hearted) so we asked his loved ones to send a video with some words. And one of his friends said something that blew me away. I never heard a better description of his presence on earth. He said that throughout all the years they have known each other he has never heard my dad talking bad about someone or doing something bad. Not at all.

And I could perfectly keep up those words. Because it’s real. It´s true. My dad has never ever acted wrong. He has never done something in order to hurt. He has never made others feel less through his actions or words. Instead, he has always been there to support everyone he knows.

And personally, i can’t think of something more inspiring than knowing after 60 years living on earth there is someone in this world who has always been firm to his values. Who has kept loyal and honest and kind through it all. Someone nobody could ever say something bad of. Because to know him is to love him. There’s simply no other alternative but to love. He wins it with every single thing he does.

My dad is sacrificial, patient, generous and intelligent. He is compassionate, tender and always gives without the expectation to receive. He is humble, gentle and strong. He is supportive and encouraging and got a sense of humor that can reach anyone. He is incredibly talented, always good-natured and caring. And i am pretty sure he is the closest thing to Jesus on this world.

Because he has been there through all the changes in my life and is the one that loves me when i am not easy to love. The one who forgives my faults and is there to show me a better path. The one who celebrates who i am. The person that i can call about everything and who deals with my crap without even complaining about. The one who listens willingly and speaks when necessary. The one that makes me feel accepted and loved. The one who has never stopped praying or fighting for the ones he loves. The one that makes everyone laugh and enjoy the time.

Pupps, I truly cannot express enough gratitude for all you have done. In the 23 years I have known you, you have always smile, calm and give away love. You have been the most present dad i could ever think of. And every time you walk in the room I always want people to know I’m related to you. Because being your daughter is the biggest honor and treasure I own.

Thank you for listening to my endless thoughts and taking care of me when i couldn’t do it myself. For offering me comfort and making me laugh even in moments when I couldn’t smile. For putting your day on hold just to be with me or help me when I’m lost. For being my driver, counselor and number one bully. For teaching me how to answer with jokes. For showing me to appreciate nature and the little things on this world. For your sincere hugs. For telling me about your childhood and filling mine with laughter and fun.

Thanks for being the person that can make something beautiful out of nothing. The person who can fix anything my clumsy hands tend to destroy.The one who lets me shout song lyrics at any time. Thank you for being my constant laugh. For filling the house with music and warmth. For supporting me on my dreams. For being a beacon of peace and hope. For never giving up.

Dad, thank you for sharing, encouraging, listening…thank you for staying. Thank you for being YOU!!! You are the most selfless and best man in the world. Thank you for being such a great brother to your siblings, for loving mom so much, for always keeping the family together. You truly bless those around you with your friendship and unconditional love. Your loyalty is breathtaking. Thank you for being the #1 dad and setting an example for the man I want to marry someday. You are my safe place. My home.

Every day I get with you is a gift. I’m happy the world got to experience that for 6 decades now!!!!!!! You deserve to be celebrated every day!! I LOVE YOU PUPPS!!! Wish you the best and most yellow year of all.  💛 💛


Missionaries of the Poor!!

Hello yellow friends!!! Life has been full of changes so it´s been a long time since my last post, but a really loved friend persuaded me to come back and write again. So here i am. And today i want to share with you one of the most wonderful experiences of my life….

Two years ago i went to the Missionaries of the Poor and still there isn´t a day that goes by where i don´t think about the people i met; the love and transformation i experienced there. So i will tell you a bit of my time there hoping that you will feel inspired to meet them.

I found out the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) on internet and i instantly felt my heart was calling me to meet them and be part of their beautiful work. So i contacted them and as soon as they answered i flew there. I didn´t know much what to expect, but from the moment i arrived i realized Jesus was all over the place.

MOP Brothers have different centers where they attend residents with some physical and/or mental disabilities, HIV/AIDS, etc. They are incredibly cheerful and radiate joy everywhere + the way they sing and pray makes you feel truly alive. One can see the love of God through their eyes and it´s incredibly inspiring to see them giving their life. So contagious!!

xxx copia
A heavenly smile!

People think it´s a big challenge to see disfigured bodies, abandoned children or ill people all around. And i would lie if i told you it´s not something that breaks your heart the first moment you arrive. But things start to change as soon as you get to know them.

Bob, the owner of my heart!!!

After hugging or talking with them you realize your life has been changed. At least that´s what i felt. It was shocking to find out that my spiritual poverty was bigger than the material/physical poverty you could see there. It reminded me of the culture i live in, where we tend to place things over souls. Where we reject the people who isn´t “useful” or treat them differently just because they are sick or poor or simply different at any way.

Instead, i came to a place where “these people” are seen and valued for being exactly who they are. They provide them not only a place but a home. It was touching to realize how much poverty i have inside yet how much they accepted and loved me no matter what. But most of all, how much they received my love. Without any resentment or mistrust.

The most contagious smile i know!



We live in a society where people is constantly afraid to be vulnerable and trust in others. But, not even 5 minutes after meeting them, they already made me feel as if i was part of them. That made me realize how much we are missing a hug or gentle touch to make others feel close and safe with us. The world would be much better if we made an effort to recognize each other´s beauty instead of judging or disqualifying everyone. If we tried to make others feel special. 

This experience taught me so much about patience, love, gratitude…about how much pleasure a smile or a few loving words can bring, about the joy of selfless giving, about being empty vessels poured in by God and poured out to the community. About the joy we can still find in the midst of our pain and struggles. 

Celebrating the miracle of life!


I also happened to meet the most wonderful group of volunteers which made this trip even more special. It is such a joy to meet people who have hope in the future. People who make you feel like family. People who encourage you to grow. 

Volunteers that became family!!

After working there i realized the best thing we all can do is to offer ourselves, wholehearted, through the fear and the mess. It is incredibly easy. And it can change the world.

Coming back home was harder than I thought. But I came with a desire to jump out from my comfort zone again and again, to be used and molded by God and let more people spread the love. Cause, i believe there will be no little things as long as they are made with love. 💛

Note: I only went for the summer, but this Brothers are working there EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are offering themselves day and night in the most inspiring way. I wanna make sure more people get to know the work of this angels on earth, so i´m sharing a link for a video a friend made as well as the link of their site in case you want to know more, hoping that you will feel inspired to go. Also, donations/prayers would be greatly appreciated. They are real superheros. Let´s encourage them!!!!!

Link for the video

Link for the MOP site

Go deep. You are not alone.

I´ll never be content with the surface of things. So often we hold ourselves from going deep because we are scared it may be more than we can handle or worry what people might think. But we will grow so much more from it. Exposing our hearts is not weakness. It´s bravery. It´s authenticity. It´s love.

Captura de pantalla 2017-02-09 a la(s) 12.54.13.png

I know it can be scary some times. We all have felt that. I know i´d been criticized after sharing my personal writings several times. And i know maybe i expose too much my heart. But i believe that when we share our stories of vulnerability, we send hope to the world. The surface may be a comfortable place, but connection is formed in the depths.

When you guys reach out to me and share your stories of sorrow, my heart aches. I wish i could hug you and i feel so frustrated when i can´t. So the one thing i can do is to give you my words. It surely doesn´t feel like enough. I wish i could take away your pain and solve it all. But my words are part of who i am, so i offer them to you with all of my heart. I want to use them for the rest of my life to let you know you are NOT alone. We are all in this messy life together.

You are my people. I see you. I believe in you. So tell me anything. Tell me everything. I am not in this world to make small talk. Talk real to me. I am here for you. I want to be a reminder that it is okay to share what you are feeling inside. Your voice is needed and it matters. A lot. 💛

Thanks, 2016

WHAT A YEAR!!!!!! One of the most special years i have ever lived. Not exactly because it was an easy one; in fact, this year started with such a pain in the heart i thought i couldn´t make it. All i wanted was to cry and hide. But God never left my side. He was there all the time, listening to my prayers and making plans for my life. He took my hand and carried me when i wanted to give up. He hugged me through my family and friends´ arms. The ones that never left me alone. The ones that made everything that was on their hands to make me smile. The ones i love with my whole heart. So yes, i went through some of the hardest experiences of my life but i learned things about myself and the world that have changed me forever. I never could have imagined all the plans God had for me this year. All the yellow that He sent to my life.


For first time, i decided to follow a call i have felt for years… i started my blog and through that i won the most precious gift i could ever think of: connection. I had the chance to connect my own story with the most fascinating stories from people around the world. I began authentic friendships and rediscovered my passion which is to write, to listen and to share our hearts. Then, God blessed me enough for fulfilling a strong desire of my heart: going to the WYD!!!! I had the time of my life, exploring a wonderful country with the most beautiful people that crossed my road. I made friendships that will last a lifetime. And i made a new family at the other side of the world. But i also loved coming back and enjoying my family and home. A family that loves purely. A family that is always there in the ups and downs. I encountered old friends and made new ones along the way. I learned so much from the people that i know. I finished the hardest subject of my career and didn´t even shed a tear (yep, i am incredibly proud of it). I read my favorite books and shared them with the most special people in the world. Last but definitely not least i found a wonderful guy that stole my heart so fast in ways i could never dream of. But most of all, i fell in love with Jesus with all that i am and realized He loves me back and will never let me down.

So definitely this year wasn´t what i planned. Because that is just how God works. He surprises us in ways we could never even pray for. This year was incredibly perfect and i can´t help but cry when i think of all the blessings that He filled it with. My heart is happy. Excited. Whole. I just can give thanks and scream: How wonderful is to be alive!!

I wish you all that 2017 will be the happiest year of your life. Thank you for your constant love and support. You bless me in more ways than you could know.

All the LOOOOOVEEEE to you my dear yellow readers!!!! Big big hugs!! 

Truly yours,


Let your leaves fall!!

There is something about this tree that captures my heart. The way it stands firm and tall even after all its leaves have gone. The leaves that adorned it before are not there anymore. This tree is vulnerable and raw, but its beauty is still there. It speaks about honesty and courage and reminds me the importance of letting our “leaves” go away (those things that we use to protect ourselves or to hide who we are inside).


But there is something we should all know: standing emotionally naked in front of people is not weakness. In fact, one of the best things we can do is to share what we are going through. It isn´t always easy. People judge so easily. But we need to pour our hearts out to the world and be vulnerable in order to have genuine relationships. We need to stand firm even when our “leaves” fall. If we are constantly scared of showing our fears, our imperfections and stories, we end up losing so much more. We end up losing the chance to experience true connection. True love. It’s only when we stop covering ourselves and let our souls be exposed, that we are most capable to love in the purest form.

So don´t cover or harden yourself. Let your ornaments go away. There is so much beauty inside of you that the world needs to see. Your story is needed!!! Let´s be real and bring back authenticity. 💛

Dance, Dragonfly!

This is a poem i wrote for my sister inspired by dragonflies (the symbol of our sisterhood), hoping she realizes how special she is to my heart.


Maris: you are my bosom friend, my inspiration, the most beautiful ballerina and my favorite person in the world. I love you more than you will ever know. 💛


It was a magical kind of day

during the middle of May.

A little girl found herself alone

bathed in rays of glorious gold.


She smelled the scent of spring,

enjoying the feeling of the breeze.

Utterly charmed by this pleasant land

she felt magic was swirling around.


Flowers bloomed and their colors shined

forming sweet canopies on every side.

Trees seemed to whisper her name

and the river sang across the lane.


Surrounded by bees and birds

graciously flying in the air,

she found herself in paradise,

delighted by the nature´s charm.


She was thrilled with excitement,

as no one was there to calm her.

She jumped and danced all around

while soft little petals fell to the ground.


She walked through fields of flowers

that were as tall as towers.

Everything took away her breath,

like on a childhood fairy tale.


She was having so much fun

trying to chase the sun,

and she promised herself that the golden rays

would always remind her the best of her days.


She closed her eyes and sighed

for her whole soul was satisfied.

She was sure she had found “her place”,

even better than the outer space.


She was lost in the blueness of the sky,

when she saw something that captured her eye.

Under the clouds there was a dragonfly;

a tiny creature she never saw in her life.


It looked like a fairy with its fragile wings,

lovingly dancing on the wind.

“Is there anything more enchanted than this?” she asked,

trying to follow it while she gasped.


She thought she had wandered into a dream,

as it was a beauty she had never seen.

But poor little girl didn´t realize

that some of those thoughts were actually right.


A sugary melody filled the air

but it didn´t seem to come from that place.

Everything slowly started to blur

so she realized she was waking up.


She tried to dive back into her dreams,

for it was a bliss she forever would miss.

Her tries didn´t work so she opened her eyes

and saw on the clock it was close to midnight.


She burst into tears for her dear dragonfly;

her house was on darkness except for one light.

It was thrilling to find what was going out there,

so she searched and discovered a fairy silhouette.


It was dancing alone with such a great poise

so she entered the place without raising her voice.

Step after step, doing pirouettes,

she found out that her sister was the dreamy silhouette.


Daring to reach the stars and the moon,

she jumps and she dances all across the room.

Her feet float above the marvelous sky;

she looks as ethereal as the dragonfly.


Twirling and twirling, repeat and repeat,

gracefully moving her soft dancing feet.

She moves her long arms and looks very light,

creating a melody to embellish the night.


For hours and hours her pointes didn´t stop,

creating a music like falling raindrops.

Little girl was admiring the most splendid scene

that nobody else could have ever seen.


While she saw her sister´s mystical flow

all of her sorrows were suddenly gone.

Sweet ballerina, a masterpiece art

which presence could warm a cold gloomy heart.


Her moves turn the place into an enchanted world,

too pretty and dazzling to put into words.

How wrong and mistaken was the little girl

when she thought that her dream was the very best pearl.


So she learned a lesson pretty worth keeping

for she knows that she, can dream without sleeping.

Wrongly she thought she found “her place” before,

cause her very real joy is located at home.


Now she knows there is poetry in the mundane delights,

for she saw ballerina and her bright shining light.

She also realized where her dreamy heart lies,

perhaps ballerina is a real-life dragonfly.


Little girl knows she is lucky for getting the chance

to have her as sister and watch to her dance. 

Being with ballerina is a darling pleasure,

and always will be her most cherished treasure.


Your sister and biggest fan,

Carola 💛

Daniel: a godly soul!

Let me tell you about Daniel, a soul that has come to bless my life. I got to know him during a mission trip (one of the things that fills the most our hearts), and as soon as i saw him i realized he was the kind of person that carried light all around. One simply cannot pass by without seeing his smile; one of the brightest most genuine smiles a person could have. One that reflects what he has inside.


Daniel is a great guy who is always giving more and more of himself. He is attentive to the need and passionate about changing people´s lives, especially the young ones. He is a fearless leader with a humble and graceful heart. He stands up for what is right and looks at the bright side of life. He has a free spirit and a fun sense of humor. He is never prideful. He is adventurous, gentle, strong, hard working and knows how to guide others through faith and love.

To be honest, i think any girl would be lucky to be with Daniel. I am sure he could have any job and achieve anything people usually dream about. But Daniel is unlike anyone else. He doesn´t set for worldly things cause his heart is focused on God. Some years ago he left it all to go and serve in South Sudan and he realized what his vocation was. I am sure it hasn´t been an easy thing to do at all, trusting and following God´s plans is not as simple as it sounds. But he is set on Love. He doesn´t let his doubts and fears take him away from his call. Today, he is already a pre-novice of the Salesians and i couldn´t be more proud of his enormous courage and heart. God is constantly using Daniel to remind me of the greater purpose we all have. Not the comfort or the fame but to serve and share love all over the world. To see life through an eternal perspective and embrace our call.

I still remember when i told him i had doubts about my own call he wrote me exactly this words: “I am always available and more than happy to talk! Just let me know. I think it is so important to have other people to talk to about everything and just be able to be open and honest”. Isn´t that what true friendship looks like? He selflessly sacrifices his time to help and makes you feel accepted and loved. After talking on skype that day i found out my heart felt so much peace inside. I knew i had come to the right place. He is the kind of friend who will pray for you and always point you back to Christ.

Daniel, you have been gifted with one of the most precious hearts. Never doubt about the power you have to change the world. Thanks for bringing Heaven to earth wherever you are. Thanks for serving the unseen, listening to me and encouraging my walk with God. There is so much i can learn from you and your relationship with Him. I can´t wait to see where He reunites us again, wether it is on another mission trip or enjoying the Northern lights. It´s been an absolute honor to meet you and i know you´ll be a friend for life. 💛

I ask for your support as he embarks himself in this journey. Let´s pray for him, that he will continue blessing many lives through his walk. I deeply encourage you to check out his blog; i have no doubts you will find a friend in him and be inspired by the pureness of his heart.

“You have to live the life you were born to live”

This is a post about one of my all time favorite movies: “The Sound of Music”. A movie that has the perfect combination for me; splendid sets and scenery, sassy children, pretty costumes, beautiful melodies and choreographies (i dream to learn that waltz one day), and Maria´s charming personality. And why not adding the fact that Julie Andrews is just perfect for the role, like seriously, who doesn´t love her?. 

The film opens with breathtaking scenes… from trees, to lakes and snow covered mountains, the camera takes you through an aerial view of the most majestic landscape. And then, it focus in a particular place; a green field where the camera slowly starts to zooms in, till we recognize the figure of a woman with wide-opened arms who is joyfully twirling across the hill; rejoicing in the beauty of the nature and the feeling of being fully alive…and then, the music starts!!!!!!! It is such an enchanting scene that will always make my soul sigh.


And, as if that wasn´t perfect enough, this movie also has the perfect amount of romance for me. A romance where, contrary to most of nowadays films, the characters slowly and innocently fall in love.

This movie is based on a real story (even though it changes many facts), but is often seen as a very childish and non-sense film. Sure it is a very “pink story” but i think there´s so much more than that. Besides all the flowers and cheesy songs, there is also a very heartbreaking part. First of all, the fact that it is placed during the Anschluss (when Hitler annexed Austria), and then, there´s also Von Trapp´s loss of his wife and his inability to relate with his children, as well as Maria´s confusion (which i will mention again later).

So yes, it is indeed a very joyful movie but it has also its dark parts. It may have songs and choreographies that make it look very unrealistic, but hey, it is a musical, and beyond all that there is also a movie with a very deep and touching message inside.The film emphasizes how sometimes one needs to take very hard and sorrowful decisions (like leaving your beloved country) in order to fight for what you believe, and how standing for the good isn´t always the easy way but it is definitely the right thing to do. In the other hand, it also promotes family values and shows that kindness is the strongest force in the world!! Could something be more uplifting than that?.

I have seen this movie dozens of times and i don’t think i will ever get tired of it. One of the things i love the most is that every single time i do, i discover new life lessons on it!!! I could actually write pages and pages about it, but i will try to focus in the particular message that captured my heart as i watched it last night.

So, let´s go back “to the very beginning”… there´s this beautiful opening where we see Maria having a blast as she dances on the green hills. But suddenly, she sees the Abbey from the distance and remembers that she has to go back, so she runs to the convent and apologizes for arriving late to prayer time (once more).

Contrary to what we would think, the Mother Abbess doesn´t reprimand her; instead she talks to her and asks if she really feels monastic life is the right thing for her. Maria replies that she always felt that´s what she should do, but surprisingly the Mother Abbess seems to know more about her than Maria itself, so she asks her to leave the convent for some time in order to find out what she really wants. And that´s where Maria´s and Von Trapp´s stories will cross their paths, for she is sent with them to take care of his “mischievous” kids. Even though Maria was hesitant to the idea she has to obey the Mother Abess, so she leaves the convent and embarks herself on this new adventure, with her dress, hat, and a guitar on hand.

As the time passes, she starts getting more attached to the family and some feelings towards the Captain start growing in her heart, but she tries to avoid them focusing on the kids as much as she can. And it isn´t till the Baronesse (the woman Von Trapp is engaged to) talks with her about Von Trapp´s attraction towards her, when Maria realizes the depth of her feelings for him. She feels as she can´t bear it anymore so she decides to leave the house and runs back to the convent.

She returns filled with doubts and spends some days in solitude, trying to hide her feelings and clear up her mind. But eventually she has to go to the Mother Abbess, who is willing to know why she came back before it was planned. Maria confesses she couldn´t stay there any longer because she was confused and frightened in a way she never felt before. She says “i knew that here i´d be away from it. i’d be safe…i can’t face him again”, so after those words (which are clearly referring to the Captain) the Mother Abbess explains her that the monastery walls werent built to hide from the world.

Even though those are one of the most revealing words she could have said, Maria seems reluctant to them cause she feels as if the only way in which she could show her love for God was by becoming a nun. But the Mother Abbess explains her how married life is just as holy as monastic life, and that choosing the first one doesn´t mean she loves God any less, so she simply has to find out the way He has designed for her. 

She still begs to stay there, but thankfully the Mother Abbess doesn´t give up easily and  tells her the monastery isn´t a place to hide from her problems, and that instead she has to face them. So she suggests her to go back with the Captain and stay where her heart really is, and says one of my favorite (and most enlightening) quotes: “You have to live the life you were born to live”. Aren´t these powerful words?. And they are the ones i want to share with you today.

So if you are one of those who had enough patience to read till this point (thank you, you are one to admire haha), and is wondering what all of this has to do with you. Or if the thoughts that are crossing your mind look more or less like this: “seriously, she thought joining a convent would ever cross my mind..or that i could relate to a story as cheesy as that?”, then i have something to say to you.

My dear reader, as i think of the movie i ask myself, how many times i´ve been acting the same way as Maria, how many times i´m so obstinate thinking i have to do “that thing” because it is more “holy”, or “admired” or “easy”, instead of doing what i was really born to do.

I believe we all have our own “convent”, our refugee, the place where we hide ourselves from the world. Maybe our convent is a person, a relationship, a job, or even a material thing; it is where we feel safe or what we think we must cling to. But it is so very important to listen to ourselves and ask if what we are doing is really what we were called to do.

I wish this was as easy as it sounds, but the truth is that sometimes it is difficult to discover it by our own. We are sometimes so stubborn, that we may need the help of someone else who recognizes gifts inside us that we personally cannot see or loves us enough to found out we are going in the wrong direction. This is so very well expressed in the movie, cause if it wasn´t for the Mother Abbess (who saw Maria´s potential and realized she wasn´t really following her call) maybe she would have never taken the risk to go out of the convent.

When i ask others what would they think if Maria had never gone out and the whole movie took place inside the convent, they usually say they wouldn´t even watch the movie, that it would be too boring or it wouldn´t make sense at all. And that´s exactly what i think it would happen with our lives if we never did what we were called to do.

When i personally think of what would have happened if she didn´t go out of the convent, i imagine she would maybe have been happy or had a beautiful life as a nun, but she definitely wouldn´t be living it to the fullest. She wouldn´t be expressing her own gifts and pouring them to the world, cause she would have been in the wrong place just for the fear of facing her call. 

I believe we all have different gifts. Unfortunately, sometimes we see some gifts in others that we like, and so we want to do the same they do cause we wrongly think that´s an easier, more valuable or holy path. But the truth is God gave VALUABLE and unique gifts to everyone. And it would be such a waste if our fear made us too blind to use them along our lives.

As the movie teaches us, there are different ways to express love on this earth and we have to find our own. Sometimes it won´t be easy and it will probably take us out from our comfort zone, but just think about Maria for a moment and how much she would have lost if she never took the risk to embrace her call. So remember that “when the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window”; open your heart to listen to your own voice or the voice of those around you. If they tell you they don´t see you fully alive where you are at, take time to think if they could be in any way right.

So before i finish this very long text, i invite you to ask yourself two simple questions: First, are you genuinely happy doing what you do? and, second are you sure this is what you were called to do, or is it more what you think you should do?. And in case those questions were negative take a moment to ask yourself, when do you feel the happiest?. The answer is probably what this life is waiting for you to do.

I think this is one of the lessons the movie can teach to us: we see Maria, obstinate to stay at the convent, when the truth is that her gifts can´t be expressed inside the convent walls. Contrary to what she first thought, it is when she goes out that she brings much more light and love to the world and when she finds the ultimate joy.

Cause that is true; we are happiest when we do what we were called to do, what we´ve been gifted with. So today my wish for you is that you embrace your true calling, whatever it might be. I want nothing more than to know you are being the person God created you to be and that you are living the life YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE.

Sincerely yours,

Carola 💛

I want to dedicate this post to Br. Robert, a priest who passed away some months ago in a very unexpected way. A priest who was a big fan of this movie and who lived the life he was born to live to the fullest (even though it was a very short one). Thanks for having the courage to do so, thanks for inspiring and bringing life to others with your presence. I always imagine you singing and dancing all these lovely songs in heaven.

For these i pray!!

Dear Jesus,

Let Your light shine through my darkness.

Let my eyes see others the way You do.

Let my ears be ready to hear Your voice.

Let my mouth speak only graceful words.

Let my nose sense the miracle of every breath.

Let my hands be always ready to serve.

Let my feet walk in Your strength. 

Let my heart be humble.

Ley my mind be filled with kind thoughts.

Let my fears be blurred by faith.

Let my acts bring hope to the world.

Let my day start with joy and gratefulness.

Let my life be a celebration of Your love. 💛