Nikki: a free and loving spirit

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-28 a la(s) 10.30.11This is my Nikki. She is a canadian-filipino beauty and a wonderful friend. She has a free spirit and she is always up to do something great. She is sporty, mature, hard-worker, friendly, adventurous, easy to laugh and very fun to be with. She is strong and brave, yet really sweet and humble.

She is an encourager. If she sees something good in others she will tell; she doesnt keep it to herself and always has something positive to add. If everyone was like her the world would be a happier place, where we would always feel very special and loved.

She has a golden heart and will not hesitate to help anyone who is in need. She gives herself to others and becomes like family within days. She is the kind of person with the coolest photos (i´m pretty sure nobody rules the selfie stick like her), and every time i look at them i just wanna run to Canada and spend time with her.

She is so easy to love and deserves just the best. Fortunately i can say she has an amazing boyfriend and together they are absolutely great. I asked her what she admires the most about him and she said: 

“There´s so much to say… he’s always willing to help others out of his heart, he never fails to put a smile on anyones face, always puts others before himself and he always loves unconditionally. I wouldn’t trade our love for the world”.

I can perfectly understand why she said that, both are simply so wonderful human beings and i love to see how much they love and care for each other!!!

This girl is a gift straight from God and it´s such a blessing to know her. I simply wish the world was full of “Nikkis”. 💛 💛

Note: Grab her face on your mind, cause she may win the “World´s Beauty Contest” one day. 



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