Dance, Dragonfly!

This is a poem i wrote for my sister inspired by dragonflies (the symbol of our sisterhood), hoping she realizes how special she is to my heart.


Maris: you are my bosom friend, my inspiration, the most beautiful ballerina and my favorite person in the world. I love you more than you will ever know. 💛


It was a magical kind of day

during the middle of May.

A little girl found herself alone

bathed in rays of glorious gold.


She smelled the scent of spring,

enjoying the feeling of the breeze.

Utterly charmed by this pleasant land

she felt magic was swirling around.


Flowers bloomed and their colors shined

forming sweet canopies on every side.

Trees seemed to whisper her name

and the river sang across the lane.


Surrounded by bees and birds

graciously flying in the air,

she found herself in paradise,

delighted by the nature´s charm.


She was thrilled with excitement,

as no one was there to calm her.

She jumped and danced all around

while soft little petals fell to the ground.


She walked through fields of flowers

that were as tall as towers.

Everything took away her breath,

like on a childhood fairy tale.


She was having so much fun

trying to chase the sun,

and she promised herself that the golden rays

would always remind her the best of her days.


She closed her eyes and sighed

for her whole soul was satisfied.

She was sure she had found “her place”,

even better than the outer space.


She was lost in the blueness of the sky,

when she saw something that captured her eye.

Under the clouds there was a dragonfly;

a tiny creature she never saw in her life.


It looked like a fairy with its fragile wings,

lovingly dancing on the wind.

“Is there anything more enchanted than this?” she asked,

trying to follow it while she gasped.


She thought she had wandered into a dream,

as it was a beauty she had never seen.

But poor little girl didn´t realize

that some of those thoughts were actually right.


A sugary melody filled the air

but it didn´t seem to come from that place.

Everything slowly started to blur

so she realized she was waking up.


She tried to dive back into her dreams,

for it was a bliss she forever would miss.

Her tries didn´t work so she opened her eyes

and saw on the clock it was close to midnight.


She burst into tears for her dear dragonfly;

her house was on darkness except for one light.

It was thrilling to find what was going out there,

so she searched and discovered a fairy silhouette.


It was dancing alone with such a great poise

so she entered the place without raising her voice.

Step after step, doing pirouettes,

she found out that her sister was the dreamy silhouette.


Daring to reach the stars and the moon,

she jumps and she dances all across the room.

Her feet float above the marvelous sky;

she looks as ethereal as the dragonfly.


Twirling and twirling, repeat and repeat,

gracefully moving her soft dancing feet.

She moves her long arms and looks very light,

creating a melody to embellish the night.


For hours and hours her pointes didn´t stop,

creating a music like falling raindrops.

Little girl was admiring the most splendid scene

that nobody else could have ever seen.


While she saw her sister´s mystical flow

all of her sorrows were suddenly gone.

Sweet ballerina, a masterpiece art

which presence could warm a cold gloomy heart.


Her moves turn the place into an enchanted world,

too pretty and dazzling to put into words.

How wrong and mistaken was the little girl

when she thought that her dream was the very best pearl.


So she learned a lesson pretty worth keeping

for she knows that she, can dream without sleeping.

Wrongly she thought she found “her place” before,

cause her very real joy is located at home.


Now she knows there is poetry in the mundane delights,

for she saw ballerina and her bright shining light.

She also realized where her dreamy heart lies,

perhaps ballerina is a real-life dragonfly.


Little girl knows she is lucky for getting the chance

to have her as sister and watch to her dance. 

Being with ballerina is a darling pleasure,

and always will be her most cherished treasure.


Your sister and biggest fan,

Carola 💛