Let your leaves fall!!

There is something about this tree that captures my heart. The way it stands firm and tall even after all its leaves have gone. The leaves that adorned it before are not there anymore. This tree is vulnerable and raw, but its beauty is still there. It speaks about honesty and courage and reminds me the importance of letting our “leaves” go away (those things that we use to protect ourselves or to hide who we are inside).


But there is something we should all know: standing emotionally naked in front of people is not weakness. In fact, one of the best things we can do is to share what we are going through. It isn´t always easy. People judge so easily. But we need to pour our hearts out to the world and be vulnerable in order to have genuine relationships. We need to stand firm even when our “leaves” fall. If we are constantly scared of showing our fears, our imperfections and stories, we end up losing so much more. We end up losing the chance to experience true connection. True love. It’s only when we stop covering ourselves and let our souls be exposed, that we are most capable to love in the purest form.

So don´t cover or harden yourself. Let your ornaments go away. There is so much beauty inside of you that the world needs to see. Your story is needed!!! Let´s be real and bring back authenticity. 💛