People are worth your time!

From all the pictures i have taken in my life, this is definitely one of my favorite ones. Not because how it looks (or because i´m obsessed with dragonflies) but because how much meaning it has inside.


I would love to say i captured it on my first shot, but the truth is it took me a little bit longer than i thought. It involved several time, failed shots and slowly getting close, for she obviously got scared and flew away when she felt me coming closer to her. But the fact is during the process i had the chance to learn a lot about dragonflies and admire how gracefully they fly.

Now that i look back to that moment, i realize the situation also applies to my every day life. There is people that remind me about this dragonfly. People who are so difficult to catch. People that captures my sight but the closer i get, the less i can look at them, just as it happened with the dragonfly. Sometimes people try to hide.

I really love people and always want to know who they are inside, but when i meet someone that seems as if he/she will never let me get close i may feel like giving up. But then i remember this picture and how glad i am i didn´t give up. I remember how at the end, patience made me connect with the dragonfly in a deeper way. So i try to do the same with the people i am surrounded by.

I choose to stay longer. I try to learn from them… how they feel, how they act, how they do life. I try to show them i´m not coming to hurt but simply to appreciate them, and so, they slowly let me get close. I can finally see them in their whole splendor and discover what a precious thing they are. But in order to do that i have to take my time, i have to learn to be patient and kind, i have to learn from them and let them feel that in my presence they will be safe.

So whenever you encounter with people like this in your life, try to get close. Even though it may be easier to simply go away, you can´t imagine how much beauty you may be losing if you ignore them. So be patient. People (like dragonflies) are always worth your time. Give yourself the chance to appreciate them, you will be surprised with the results. 💛


21 thoughts on “People are worth your time!

  1. Wow did I need this today! Sometimes I get so caught up in what I’m trying to do and what I expect my relationships should like that I forget that I’m not running my life or let alone anyone else’s. I can’t control when they will be ready to share with me, when they have bad days, or how to help them. Sometimes, I just have to go in slow rather then trying to go and bulldoze down everything to “fix” it the way I know how. Great post! I love it!

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