“The toothpaste lady”

Meet my friend Kay. One of the most beautiful souls i know, and a woman who perfectly exemplifies why #everypagematters. Kay´s favorite things include drawing, music and going around with her wheelchair. She loves purple just as much as i love yellow and laughing is one of her supernatural powers. She lives in the present moment and appreciates when others are around. She may not have a perfect life (just like all of us) but she doesnt complain, instead she tries to make the best out of it every day.

I asked her what makes her happy, without knowing her answer would be a big lesson for my life. She answered she is the happiest during “brushing teeth time”. Let me explain. She lives in a residence with many other women, but most of them have several problems which unable them to do many things by their own. Brushing their teeth is one of them. They require help, and fortunately i had the chance to be useful during their routine a few times. Surprisingly this routine brought excitement all around, most of the women waited on line for their turn and some of them even tried to fool me so i could brush their teeth twice. They seemed to have so much fun.

Meanwhile, Kay patiently waited on her wheelchair with a toothpaste and dozens of toothbrushes on her lap, so every time i finished with someone i would go back to her to get another toothbrush for the next one. She was so helpful all the time and made sure every single friend passed before she brushed her teeth. This simple act made me know her in a deeper level. I learned how much it means for her to serve and realized how for this ladies getting their teeth brushed could turn into the highlight of their days. This made me understand how much a bit of attention, a gentle touch, a simple act of service could mean to the people we are surrounded by.

Soon, brushing their teeth became one of my favorite times of the day too, not only because i could have closer contact with each one of them, but because the radiant smiles they gifted me afterwards cant be compared with anything else.

Kay showed me the importance of letting ourselves get excited by the simplest things among our days. She taught me the pleasure it brings to put others first, to share a bit of our time to help and how we all can give love to the world in the most unexpected ways. Even though it could look as something useless or silly, we cant imagine how something as simple as holding a toothpaste can make a difference, we just need to offer ourselves. 

I must say after that, brushing my teeth has never been the same. I used to make it as a part of my routine without really being present on the act; always in such a rush that i never took the time to reflect on that. But after meeting Kay i decided to change my mind. Now while i brush my teeth everyday i try to use it as a time to give thanks for all that i have, as a time to remind myself i can find joy in the simplest things, as a time to remember that i need to offer my smile.

I am so thankful with Kay for reminding me God is present in the daily things. And i pray to always remember her bright shining face as she rejoiced on her new nickname: “the toothpaste lady” as i called her. To remember about the joy of selflessly giving our time and of the greater mission God has called us to do, to proclaim and honor Him in the middle of our every day acts.

Thank you Kay for letting me be your friend and for giving love to the world, in your own particular way. 💛


23 thoughts on ““The toothpaste lady”

  1. You do some great charitable acts and learn so much

    thanjs for sharing and opening me up to another world of experiences and kindness and conpassion.. and appreciation of others lifes and tge happiness in the small thing that are so difficult ..but so rewarding

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  2. It’s amazing how the things many of us take for granted can mean so much to someone else. I have a friend who had a stroke which left him partially paralyzed. I asked him what he wanted to do most in life. His response: “Give away smiles! They’re all I have left.”

    Take not for granted the simple things
    For it is in the simple
    That true joy is found!

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    1. Woooow woooow wooow!!! that story is touching! i would love to meet your friend!!!! And yes, it is amazing how we take things for granted when in the end.. what matters most is something as simple as smiles and love!!!! 💛 Thanks for sharing this with me!!!!!

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  3. Amazing. Amazing! You’re a true example of a beautiful soul. You meet the most wonderful people and I am glad to just sit here and read about your experience and their wonderful personalities. May God continue to bless you in more ways than one.

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  4. What an absolutely wonderful idea! Sometimes it seems challenging to find time to give thanks on a regular basis… to actually make it a routine. Doing so while brushing my teeth (at a minimum) makes so much sense and it’s obviously something I do on a regular basis. Thank you, Kay, for a valuable lesson.

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    1. Beautiful!!!! im so glad Kay had an impact on you… really appreciate you made time to read this and comment here… and i wish you continue being such a beautiful soul!!!! Send you love 💛 (and enjoy brushing your teeth)


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