(Finally) St. Teresa of Calcutta!

What a splendid day is today!!! Since i was a child i always looked up to Mother Teresa and i am so happy to witness the day when she finally gets canonized! This woman exemplifies what it means to follow Jesus message every single day, and the fact that she felt a deep darkness during her life just makes her story even more amazing. It talks about the determination and strong faith she had to follow her mission even when things got hard.

As humans, we are constantly so focused on ourselves that we forget to serve others, because the truth is, serving is not always easy. Contrary to what we might think she didnt have it easy either, sometimes it requiered big effort from her but she did it anyway. She knew her mission and took the decision to serve the world, so even on the days when it didnt come so naturally she decided to love harder. She chose love and compassion instead of selfishness, she chose to bring hope to ALL. She didnt ask “where do you come from?” “which religion do you have?” “are you rich/poor/old/…?” or anything like that before offering her hands. She simply chose to see everyone as worthy of love and responded wholeheartedly to her call. Isnt that how all our lives should look like?

Today as she (finally) turns into a saint, i hope you realize you are called to do the same and ask yourself if she could, why couldnt you do it too?. I believe that you can, that you are also called to “do small things with great love” from wherever you are.

Mother Teresa, i thank you for being an inspiration and example of God´s merciful love. I ask your intercession to bring hope and peace to the world, to give us the courage to walk away from our comfort zone and start serving others, to turn our eyes to the “unseen”, to every person who surrounds us. 💛

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Yesterday i found in some sweets a message that came straight to my heart. It made me question if i am really bringing happiness to the people i meet. The truth is i constantly fail to do it, i get so caught up in complaining about my own struggles that i forget the importance of doing that. So i ask for your help, let me know how could i make you happier today. And i am curious.. do you have a favorite quote from her? I just cant decide which one i love the most yet!!!

Happy “Saint Teresa of Calcutta´s day”!!! 💛 💛 


27 thoughts on “(Finally) St. Teresa of Calcutta!

  1. I read something in a book by a guy named Heath Adamson the other day, he asks something to the effect of, “Are you following Christians, or Christ?” The secret is, we can all have her big courage and dedication because they aren’t hers, they’re Father’s – I love looking at admirable people past and present who stand out for how full of Father’s love they are, not because they did something to achieve such a wonderful character, but because they allowed Him to infiltrate His character into their lives (:

    Happy Monday! Thanks for a lovely post (:

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    1. Wow wow wow!!!!!!! I adored this comment!!! Thanks for sharing this with me, i will read more about him!! And i totally agree with what you say.. we are all capable of that love because we all are children of the same Father!!! 💛 Wish you a very lovely day my dear!!!!!!! Thanks for coming here 🙂

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