God is all around!!

When i was a child and learned about God i pictured Him on Heaven, high above the sky. That´s probably the reason why i constantly find myself looking up there when i´m praying or talking with Him. Doing this brings me such a sense of calm. The infinity of the sky reminds me of the vastness of His love; it makes me feel like He is up there watching and protecting me from above. It makes me feel that He is in control.

But the truth is our God is much more than that. He is not a distant God which we need to picture in a far away site. Instead, He is a God that wants to be right where we are. But, if we only turn our heads up when we think about Him, we are losing the chance to see God down here. And trust me, He really is here. That´s what we can experience when we stop looking up all the time, when we give Him the chance to manifest His presence on the place where we stand.


My prayer today is to start looking down, to seek Him all around. To stop thinking of this far away God and remember to also turn our faces left, right, down!!!! God is above. God is below. GOD IS EVERYWHERE!! Let´s rejoice on the fact that He wants to show up and encounter with us in our every day lives.

Thank you God, for gifting me with places like this, where i can see you so clear. 💛 


52 thoughts on “God is all around!!

  1. I would have to completely disagree with you and start an argument or discussion on it but no I’m keeping my mouth shut because I hate offending people😯


      1. you see from your point of view and say god is good and nice because he protects you . just try looking beyond you at the society, try looking at God through the eyes of a child abused, a woman raped, a man about to lose his loved one, a baby dying of hunger. would you still call god good ?

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      2. I get your point, trust me, i think we all as humans have questioned this among our lives… and i guess there´s not a “true” answer but i´ll try to express mine! First of all, this is a very tough question, and as i said, we are just humans, we want to know everything but i think throughout the history we have seen there are things greater and bigger than us to answer, i think this is one of them! Anyway, i think its great to ask and reflect about it, cause it´s something that affects us all! But for me, just because there are problems and sadness in the world, that doesnt mean God doesnt exist!! It´s more or less like this, every home has some problems, families sometimes fight, kids sometimes feel as if their parents didnt love them anymore or they go into bad decissions… does that mean their parents arent good or dont love their children??? I dont think that´s the case!!!… In other hand, i also worry and struggle with abused children, raped woman, war, poor people and all that stuff… but you know what? i have been in those places, i have talk with those people and i have clearly seen God there!! The fact that God is good doesnt mean everything on earth is perfect… that´s why we are here for, to learn, to be able to chose with our free will to spread love and goodness!!! And then… there is heaven, the place where we will forget about those sad things, where these problems wont exist anymore!.. But meanwhile, it is our mission to fight against that, to be the change we want to see in the world, to see God even in the painful situations and to let Him triumph over them!


      3. I agree with the point of love and being human .. but not on the views of heaven both of us haven’t seen heaven so I’m not going to settle for something that I have not seen. A loving father wouldn’t kill the child on purpose is something I believe in . I believe in if you know that a man is going to rape a child and you try to stop him, you have more morals than God . Religion and God has been the major reason for violence for centuries don’t you think ?


      4. Well.. depends how you like to see it, glass half empty or half full.. Of course i think religion has caused so so many problems throughout the time, it has been missunderstood over and over again.. but have you seen also how many times religion has been the reason why people unite? why people realize we are more than individuals, that we are brothers and sisters??.. I dont know what you have learned or experience about your religion, but i can talk from mine… My religion has helped me see goodness in everyone, even in the people that have done terrible things, my religion had helped me to see brothers and sisters in every single person i encounter, it has helped me to offer my heart and help to everyone and spread love all around! So at least for me, i can say, it hasnt been a reason to be violent!


      5. well what do you say about crusades and Holocaust .. I agree with the new testament. I love Jesus for the very reason he’s the one who advocated peace and love but his followers didn’t listen to him . I so wish Jesus asked them to ignore the old testament and just follow the new one .


      6. I would say exactly what you said… THEY DIDNT LISTEN TO HIM! but that doesnt mean that God doesnt exist, that means we are humans and we sometimes dont act in the right way, but that´s not a reason to say God´s love isnt real!
        Again.. think about a family… if a child dont listen to his mother, that makes inmediately his mother a bad person?? I dont believe so!!! i think we are just continually failing, but Jesus came exactly to tell us that God loves us despite all that and that we can always do better and love more!!!…
        As for the crusades and Holocaust.. what would i say? well i must say i wasnt there, so again, just because that happened years ago doesnt mean i share the same perspective than them! my religion is totally against that, it´s something i pray everyday for and that makes my heart really sad, but just because that happened i cant stay there.. i need to continue walking and instead, show the world that there are other ways! And that HOPE and LOVE are always bigger than evil!


      7. if the child becomes a jerk and the mom doesn’t condemn the action and watches it doesn’t it mean that the mother approves of it ? if she does nothing she approves if she says and the child doesn’t listen then the mother has failed to raise the child the proper way. no one is born bad so if God doesn’t do anything to change things in a way people didn’t turn out to be cruel violent and inhuman doesn’t it mean he has failed


      8. Woow that´s very tough argument… i have met wonderful mother´s which children didnt take the best decissions, i have seen how much they suffered because of that, how much they have tried to change the situation, to teach their children that´s not the right way.. i have seen how they disapprove what their children have done, and even through that, their love for them didnt stop, i have seen how powerful is LOVE!!! It´s sad that you think it´s all the mom´s fault, i really wish you will never have to go through something like that!


      9. I am not saying it’s completely her fault she’s one of the reasons is what I say .. if God couldn’t convince a man from being bad does it mean man has more power ?

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      10. I dont think so, i think God has so much power that He loves and believes in us enough to give us FREE WILL!!! Yes, sometimes that´s taken us to act very very bad, but it also taken us to do very very good things!!! We cant see just one side!.. And for me, i think if He didnt give us that free will, it would mean He would enforce us to be in a particular way, we wouldnt be humans but machines without the feelings and free will to act in our own way!.. Then goodness and love wouldnt be genuine, it would be there just because it´s our only choice, not because of our own conviction! And for me, the biggest gift He gives us is this trust in us, this opportunity to experience and learn the right way with freedom and love!


      11. hey I have to appreciate your kindness and generosity, especially your open minded thoughts and debating with grace and not being offended or defensive .. the world needs more people like you .. I adore the way you argue

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      12. Ohh thanks, and thanks to you for sharing your perspective with me! It´s always great to learn from others! And thanks as well for not being rude or offensive, you are very nice and i really pray that you will encounter with people who show you that their religion is a fountain of goodness and not violence!!!…Thanks for being a “teacher” for me today! 💛


      13. I am not against God just trying to understand the nature of things happening around me and feel bad because my humanity always makes me feel angry at the situation and sorry for the people


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