Real beauty!!!

I dont wanna be this world´s kind of beauty; for beauty is not perfect denture, thin body and long hair. Beauty is a light in the heart, is the reflection of positive thoughts. Beauty is the caring that we lovingly give, is sincerity in all that we do. Beauty is our determination to make the world a better place, is uncontrollable laughter. Real beauty is the kind that appears in broken places and yet gives genuine smiles. Beauty is the glow that outshines when we love, is a pure heart. Beauty is the marks and scars of time, the ones that show we have lived fully our lives.

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-19 a la(s) 09.57.34

To be honest, i totally dislike how i look on this picture, but i love it because it is a constant reminder to forget my ego and this world´s definition of beauty. It is a reminder of the kind of beautiful i want to be. 💛


42 thoughts on “Real beauty!!!

  1. Beautiful post–beautiful pic too! I had a photo op with John Barrowman this year. It’s a sort of unflattering pic of me in one sense, but I look so happy! (And he was awesome.) And, yeah, there’s just something fun and authentic about the pic. We don’t have to be beauty queens.

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  2. I have always found those that have a beautiful kind caring character the most beautiful in the world. I think character, integrity and sincerity , kindness, care, etc – is what makes us beautiful, and like you said – physical beauty is temporary. A beautiful character is timeless beauty , it is the grace of young or and old person. Physical beauty is the arrogance of young and old –

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