A new day to live!!

Good morning yellow friends! There´s a special message for you today. I dont know how your morning is looking like, you may be excited or worried or tired or upset for the day you will start. But no matter how you feel you need to know this: you have been gifted with another day. You have a new beginning, how exciting this is!!!!Captura de pantalla 2016-07-12 a la(s) 08.27.58

Maybe you cant see it like that today. Perhaps you are feeling sick, have to face something difficult or simply feel like you don´t really matter today. I know it could be scaring or overwhelming, but just take a moment to think about this: You are alive!!! You are here, not by coincidence but because there is a purpose for that.

Because the world needs your presence today. Because you have a role to play. God is excited for it. He simply couldn´t wait for you to open your eyes and start this new day He lovingly made exactly for you, His child! So please don´t give up. Maybe today you will finally take that decision you have been wondering about these last days, maybe you will find the courage to forgive or ask for forgiveness, maybe you will meet a special person or will take the first step towards your dream. Maybe all the problems you had yesterday will find a new sunrise today.

Just think of all the wonderful moments, lessons and discoveries that may be hidden in this day. And remember you are meant to be here. You have dreams worth fighting for and stories worth telling. You have the chance to make all things bright and new. Don´t ever doubt of your purpose here. You cant imagine all the blessings you can give to the world today; blessings that no one else could give but you.

It makes me so incredibly happy to know that you are here!!!!  💛 


42 thoughts on “A new day to live!!

  1. And as i keep hearing that song over and over “Dare” by Stan Bush, it keeps me daring to see new perspective day after day. Please dont look down, coz the skies are much more better so you can look up.

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  2. What a beautiful Positive post, with out God’s love and guidance I don’t know where I would be. I did a Post on Sunday – I think, Similar but different to this. I really love this post, very inspiring and up lifting. Short and sweet. You have a lovely blog here.

    This is my take on this… https://thoughtsnlifeblog.com/2016/07/10/are-you-present-or-can-today-wait/

    Look forward to reading more of your post. Regards Bella

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  3. The weather here in Manchester UK is yet another gloomy day. HOWEVER, I’ve got sunshine in my heart looking forward to watching my 2 gorgeous granddaughters having fun at their school sports day. This is the first one I’ve been able to attend and am already ‘smiling’ at the thought and being transported back to watching my 2 sons at the same ages as they attended the same school… Lovely and I hope you’re set to have a sunny day too. x

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    1. Im so glad to know you have the ability of seeing sunshine in the daily things… also i would love to see your granddaughters, i adoooore kids!!! im sure they are lovely as you!! It´s wonderful you had such a great oportunity 💛 you must be a real encouragement for them!!!! Thank you for sharing this with me and for your beautiful wishes!!! Send you a warm hug 💛

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      1. How lovely and I’m really glad to share in your positive outlook on life – that’s what we need more of in this world and every little helps give a better energy out.. My granddaughters are adorable – take a peek at my post about a day trip to Llandudno which has a video of our trip to the seaside… We inspire each other – they keep me on my toes, make me laugh and keep me ‘dancing’ and hopefully I can offer some wisdom… I send you a lovely warm hug back! xx

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  4. I’ll think about this post every time i wake up. Such a great work! New day, new morning, new chances and opportunities waiting, new experiences and all. Love this! Everyone will feel importance, that they are important after readig this. Thanks! God bless! 🙂 i’ll bear this in my mind every morning!!! 🙂

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    1. Did you know how awesome you are??? I also try to think of this message every morning and remind myself my purpose here.. but now, i will also remind this sweet comment of yours and remind the importance of sharing what i do!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIEND!!!!! God bless you too, have a lovely day 💛 💛


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