Best missionary-friend

Do you believe in friendship at first sight?? I do!! This bright soul proved me it´s true.

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Her name is Sofia (aka Madafa) and i met her while doing my most favorite thing: going on missions. I went there with a big group but they actually could only send us by pairs to the different communities we were supposed to go. I perfectly remember that day; “you´ll go with Sofia” they said as we arrived to the place. “Sofia?” i asked; i didnt know which girl who she was. We never saw each other before but God was obviously unhappy about that, so He crossed our paths and i could never thank Him enough for that.

As soon as we arrived we started talking and then… well i just knew i would love her. We discovered how much we had in common, laughed and laughed for hours and even shared our deepest secrets. We lived every exciting, funny, embarrassing and lovely thing any friends could live. And we lived it in just ONE week.. actually the week in which i had my first birthday away from home!

I obviously didnt expect to be celebrated at all, but even though we didnt know each other before she gave me the most amazing birthday i could ever dream of (with letters, a “happy birthday song” at church and an unforgettable party included).

This girl is the BEST missionary buddy you´ll ever find (once you accept the fact that she will make you laugh ALL day like an idiot). She is hilarious. She has so much love to give and the most enchanting personality. She is very warm and makes everyone feel like they have found a piece of belonging in her presence. She is compassionate, smart, kind, supporting and her heart is just as beautiful as her always smiling face.

I asked her why she loves going to missions so much and she said “Because it´s a way to go away from my reality and get to know what my country really is, learn about its people and their daily lives. Because it´s not only about changing their lives but about letting them change mine. A way in which you can share what your essence, what you really are”. 

Sof, thanks for laughing at my dumb jokes, eating my food, inspiring my spirit, letting me be real with you and showing Jesus love all the time. I am so thankful for the opportunity of meeting you and growing as sisters in Christ. I simply adore every time you are around. You’re an angel and a light in this world. 💛 💛 



19 thoughts on “Best missionary-friend

  1. Always sweet to meet another soul who is genuinely nice.

    It’s so hard to find someone whose personality and ideals syncs up to our own these days that I’m glad you’ve been meeting so many beautiful souls in your journey.

    We gotta remember though, 2-3 decades ago, things would’ve been so much harder for us to connect with similar minded people like how we are doing now lol. Ah… The internet… Sometimes I wonder if it’s a living being waiting to jump at humanity when we least expect it hah! I mean what did we give to the world in return for such powerful “Service”?

    For the children of the current generation, they are born into a world of internet so they probably wouldn’t wonder. But for us who actually went through life without internet for a period of our lives? What exactly did we give to the world to get internet?

    Have you ever asked yourself that? I think I might make a video on this lol!

    Anyway, just curious, are you still in contact with Sofia?

    Your pal,

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    1. Benjamin!!!! Im always so glad to read your nice and thoughtful comments!!! Thank you for that!!!
      And yes, i think i´ve been very lucky to encounter with so many wonderful people along this crazy journey we call life 🙂 I do wonder the same that you some times.. i mean, i often complain internet makes people not interest in the real world sometimes but at the same time im so thankful of all the awesome opportunities it gives to us!!! Especially to know i can connect with so many wonderful people, like you my friend!!!!
      About Sofia.. yes im still in contact with her, we actually go to the same university so i can always see her!!!!! 💛
      P.S. would be great if you make a video about that!!!!

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      1. Ah that’s nice! Was it weird for her when you started writing about her? Lol I can only imagine hahaha! I tried writing about a friend once. He called me gay.

        Indeed, I believe I will work on that in future but right now, I’m currently working on something else. It’s going to be on the topic of “What is FEAR?”.

        Perhaps you’d be able to help too? Here’s a just-posted link of me asking the WP team for help:

        Would love to have you join in the little discussion 😉

        Your pal,

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      2. Yes im so glad i have this friendship!!! Hahaha dont think it was too weird cause i always ask for permission first.. and she thought it was an honor so i did it then!!!!
        I am glad to know you plan to work on that in a future, im sure you´ll do it sooooo good (as everything you do)!
        I will check that link now.. thank you for sharing it with me!!! i would love to help!!! 💛 💛

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  2. Both of you are so amazing for doing what you do! You were destined to find each other and together the light that shone down upon your ministry was brighter than any could imagine! Biggest hugs!!

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