The gift of giving

Today i just wanna take time to appreciate my sister, and all the people out there who is preciously gifted with the sense of giving.  Those who always know how to touch your heart. Those who lift you up. Those who fill you with the most precious things. Not necessarily material or expensive things. Just things they know will make your heart leap. I wanna make a tribute to you.


To those who dont buy the first thing just to get rid of it, but patiently seek for a thoughtful and personal gift. To those who give something out of nowhere. Not because there is a birthday, a graduation or any special date; just because they celebrate your existence every single day. To those who dont need a excuse to give. Those who spontaneously think about you when they see something that reminds them of you.

To those who give a letter, a pencil, a book, a simple detail, just because their hearts are so gifted that they need to share. To those whose little gestures change your whole day. To those who take time to make others feel special. Those who do it out of their hearts. This tribute is for you.

Thank you. Your hearts will always be the most cherished gift for me. 💛  💛 


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