A bond that cannot break

One of the worst parts of breaking up with someone is that you dont only lose that person but also family, friends and other people you met through them who started to become a part of you too. But every now and then, one is lucky enough to find people that demonstrate there are some bonds too strong to break. Katja is one of them.

She started as one of my boyfriendΒ΄s friends and ended up being so dear to my heart. During all my relationship she was my partner in crime, the one whoΒ  encouraged me when i missed him, helped me to plan surprises and joined me to make fun of him. And when we broke up she taught me what being a true friend really means. She supported both of us, never left my side and showed me she liked me for who i am and not only for the person i was with.

Katja is one in a million. She takes time to listen and gives great advice. She is funny and cool, but also very elegant and classy and she has a great style. She knows german, russian, latin, french, english… and hopefully spanish one day. She loves shopping, parties, series, lavender and macarons. And she is a food lover, university struggler, dirndl fanatic and Christmas enthusiast like me.

One of my favorite memories with her is bringing flowers to her office cause somehow i always imagine her life will look pretty much like that: she will be the most succesful business girl which will always receive lots of flowers from all the people she is loved by (she will need a BIG office for that).

And appart from her business side, she is also a very talented writer and im the biggest fan of her stories. She is a hopeless romantic, and it is really comforting to see there is someone who, cherishes, dreams and waits for love in the same way i do!Β πŸ’›Β 

I asked her how an ideal date would look like for her and she said it would involve lots of talk while walking through a beautiful scenery or sitting under the stars. I just know her love story will be better than any romance book i ever read in my life.

Katja, thanks for understanding me, tolerating my sorrows and for always giving me a reason to smile. I hope you know how much i admire you (as i always try to say in the ridiculous videos i send). You’re fabulous, beautiful and so dang awesome and im forever grateful with you. I wish everybody could find a friend as true as you.Β πŸ’›Β Β πŸ’›Β 

Did you ever had a friend like this?? I would love to get to know about it and keep celebrating the life of those around us and remembering how #everypagematters.Β 


33 thoughts on “A bond that cannot break

  1. What a great tribute. Friends like these are rare unfortunately. I have a very dear friend for 43 years and we have walked together through lots of ups and downs. I really appreciate her friendship.


  2. We definitely need to hang on to people like these! One of my best friends is just like Katja – and we met the same way you two did! My Philippa is amazing and awesome at everything she does, and despite the fact that we’re half a planet apart nowadays and don’t talk as much as we used to, our relationship remains the same (if not stronger). Here’s to beautiful friends! ❀


      1. We sure are! ❀ she lives back in Sweden, where I'm from, and I currently live in Australia. I miss her to pieces, but at least I know she's always there πŸ™‚


  3. I love this. It reminds me of my friendship with Melissa. She and I have been best friends since elementary school, although it didn’t start out that way (Originally, we met because we liked the same boy, Kurtis, and fought over him – Oh, the drama in fifth grade!)

    Regardless, we’ve been friends for the last 16 years and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. We’ve been there for each other through our life journeys – Different high schools, different colleges, changing career plans, deaths, pets, relationships, and more. She was the maid of honor in my wedding last year. She’s on the Ph.D track for physics, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. We don’t see each other as much as we would like, but when we do, we pick up right where we left off and go forward. She’s so special to me. I’m incredibly grateful she’s in my life!

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    1. This story is so precious!!!!! How funny to think how it all started… but the way you kept your friendship toward the years just show what kind of a soul you both are!!! Im so glad to know you got such a sweet friend and also to know how proud you are for her!! I also admire her Ph.D on physics, thatΒ΄s a great thing!! Thank you for sharing your story with me, nothing makes me happier than this!!! By the way, congratulations for your marriage πŸ’› πŸ’›

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  4. I’ve got 2 best friends. We call each other homo and punch each other for fun XD
    I don’t suppose you do that with Katja? I hope not lol!

    Btw, from the way you wrote this, I’m guessing you guys don’t talk to each other anymore??

    Your amigo,

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    1. Hahaha it sounds really fun!!! they must be great!!!! Katja and i dont have those nicknames but we surely have a great friendship as well!!! And nope, we actually write every single day!!! We havent seen each other for 2 years because we literally live miles and miles apart, but somehow we are always close!!!! :)))

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      1. Woah, you are getting more and more interesting everyday lol!

        Would ask you what she’s been doing, over at wherever she is, but that’s none of my beeswax so I won’t. As curious as I am over the matter lol. Perhaps in email next time hah!

        Alright, talk again bud, have a nice day πŸ˜‰

        Your amigo,

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      2. Hahaha she is currently study her career and now she is doing her social service as well during summer!!! πŸ’› Also she visits her family some times because they live in a different city than us!!!!! Thanks for your interest!!! I send you big hugs amigo!!!!!! πŸ’›

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