“Awesome Quote Challenge”

My yellow friends, today is my last day of the “Awesome Quote Challenge” which i enjoyed deeply. Here are the few rules it consists of:

  1. For three consecutive days, you have to post a quote.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Each day you have to nominate three different bloggers.
  4. Let the blogger know that you have nominated them. 


The Bible contains most of my favorite verses and quotes. It is hard to choose only one but since i have to do so, it would probably be this one: “Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14).

I think this simple sentence sums up the whole´s Bible message. Be, do, share, receive, speak… love. That´s what God wants for all of us. Love. As simple as that.

It does not only say “let all that you do be done WITH love” but rather “let all that you do be done IN love”. We need not only to make things with love, but to stand in love and seek God, who is not just the source of love but Love Itself. We are here to share that.

I want to exude God´s love everywhere and every day. I want to do everything with love. Unconditional and selfless love. I want to become a vessel of God´s love. I want to let Him show love through me…..I WANT TO LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE. 

Thank you very much for being part of these challenge with me. Today i want to nominate three more friends:

Fatma Amin


Queen Bee

I will love to read you,

Carola 💛 


7 thoughts on ““Awesome Quote Challenge”

  1. Hi Carola . I hope your day is moving fine with God’s Mercy :). I’m done with the Awesome Quote challenge . Sorry for turning up late and getting back to u . I forgot to tag u . Sorry on that note too . Do go and check my post . Will be glad if u take out your time and do so . And I’m looking forward to your future posts . U inspire me each day . I find happiness and joy in reading u . Thank u for making me smile & learn everyday . Sending gratitude to u 😊 See ya , soon !!

    Love , Fatma


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