The gift of wonder

Do you know those people that make you stop for a while to simply rejoice and thank God for their existence???

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Well, this is one of them. I could honestly write an entire book about her beautiful soul but i´ll save you the time. She is my sister. She is gorgeous inside and out. She is trustworthy and unbelievably humble. She has a heart for nature and the simplest things, like flowers, trees and dragonflies. She appreciates the little gestures and is extremely grateful. She is fragile and strong, caring and understanding. She is incredibly intelligent but she is not even a bit prideful and she will never make you feel stupid. She is wise beyond her years but has an innocent and childlike heart. She is extremely talented and graceful and she is the most beautiful dancer in the world. She is honest, selfless, hard-working, genuine and loyal. She is a great cook and both her presence and the delicious scent of her food always make you feel at home. She is loving, passionate, joyful and very funny. She is a peace lover and the most faithful girl that i know.

She is a nutritionist and she is very healthy, she is always there to comfort me when im at my lowest and she simply manages to make everything she touches look like coming out of pinterest. She loves coffee, music, quotes, lipsticks, otters, Harry Potter books, and just anything ballet related. I love to share my room with her, sing in the car together, giggle with her about nothing and let her play with my hair.

When thinking about some of the unique and random talents she has, her developed sense of smell and calendar memory first jumped to my mind. Like seriously guys, she can say which perfume you used or what people cooked before entering the house; sometimes she would even ask if i was with this or that person because she can guess just by the smell they left (whaaat?) On the other hand she has such a good memory for dates that would freak you out; just tell her once when your birthday is and she will forever remember it (she tells me things like “today is my teacher´s son birthday” and i´m like what?? why/how do you know that?, she is not even your teacher anymore). Yep, she is one of a kind.

To end up with her introduction i asked her to share with the world a quote that is special for her and she told me this one: “Some insignificant details become moments of startling revelation when you come across them for the first time”. She got to know this quote when mom wrote it down to her the day she finally understood how to do 3 pirouttes with perfect control, and ever since that day this quote means a lot to her in many ways. When i asked her why, it just took her some seconds to express her thoughts and give me an answer as beautiful as this:

“First of all because of wonder. I personally think one of the greatest things in life that keeps a soul fresh and alive is the capacity of seeing something wonderful in the little details and taking those little things to understand the world. I also think it has a lot to do with knowledge, cause when you understand something, that little thing that makes you change or move forward becomes a revelation and you suddenly say, mmm.. here i can learn something and do something great and so you can achieve something. We are constantly looking at the big, marvelous and visible things that everyone can see, so we often forget that sometimes it is the little details that make the difference. And that is the great thing!! I think the savour of life is in the small things, and it is a gift to be able to appreciate them. Not everybody can see or find the beauty in the simple and ordinary!!! It is also beautiful to think that those details, are YOUR details and not other one´s details, because what can be a great revelation to one person is something that for others may be evident; but the day you fix your gaze and heart on those things, they suddenly can mean something to you and just let you achieve something, trascend and grow”. 

Oh what a lovely soul she is, she was definitely gifted with that sense of wonder and i´m so very blessed to have her. She makes the world a lovelier place. I just wish she could see herself through my eyes. 💛

Let´s continue celebrating life through the people who is around us, and remember that #everypagematters. 


16 thoughts on “The gift of wonder

  1. Just curious… Does your sister happen to be Wonder Woman? XD

    Just kidding hah! But it’s really great to meet people like this. Considering that you are like this as well? (I get the feeling that you are) I feel that your parents did an awesome job raising you both and I wouldn’t be surprised if your next article is going to be about how your sister just prevented a terrorist attack. Or how your family is actually The Incredibles (Disney heroes) hah!

    I love meeting new positive people. This is just awesome 😉

    Thanks for sharing and warmest regards to your sister and family, bud!

    Your pal,


    1. To be honest im also curious sometimes if she maybe is Wonder Woman hahaha!!
      It´s absolutely great to know there´s people that take the time to appreciate the beauty in others like you do!! Thanks for your nice words and i just feel you have the warmest most loving heart!!!!!
      I love your humor too and those “preventing terrorist attacks” and “The Incredibles” ideas really made me smile hahaha!!!
      I loved meeting you my friend!! I´m sure we have a loooong journey to enjoy together! Thanks for your encouragement!!!! 💛 💛 💛
      Much love,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Likewise bud. Not everyone sees the beauty in others and I believe you’re also one who does. Awesome.

        I have been told that I am a very loving person though I try to not show it too much lol. It kinda kills the “Bad Boy” vibe for me when I’m talking to some people IRL, y’know what I’m saying?
        Gotta look tough sometimes to scare ppl. Even if it’s just for fun 😛

        I’m glad you find my humor funny cause not everyone can take my sort of humor. Some ppl would want to punch me for it lol but oh well, I don’t care- It’s their loss XD

        Would love for that too bud- Which part of the world are you currently residing at? If you don’t mind sharing here?

        You keep up the good work too, Sunshine (Your page is definitely shining brightly lol). You are making a difference out there 😉

        Your pal,


      2. I´m sorry but i guess that tough boy can´t hide so much his loving heart heheh!!! But that´s absolutely wonderful!!! I simply love finding so lovely souls!!!
        And your humor. yes it is so fun! i don’t even understand how could people want to punch you for that! lol!
        About your question.. I’m currently living in Mexico!! What about you bud???
        Once again thanks for that “sunshine” i guess I’m getting to love that word!!!!!!!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛 Have a wonderful day!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well perhaps underneath all this happy-go-lucky attitude, this tough “boy” actually has a secret dark side to him that he’s not sharing.

        Mexico… You know who Drake Bell is?

        Glad you do cause you’re officially labeled a “Sunshine” by me. You’re probably smiling now, which is good. Get out there and share that sweet smile with the world 😉

        Your pal,


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