Hello lovely people, some of you may already know what #everypagematters is about. But in case there are some new faces i´ll tell you what i have shared before.

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For a long time, i refused to join instagram cause i thought it was just a waste of time. But after some people persuaded me (thank you) i decided to give it a try, and a year later i can say i have changed my mind. I love instagram. I love how through it i got to know so many talented artists, encouraging organizations, as well as get to know more about my friends through their pictures and words.

I am aware of how social media can be used to give the image of a “perfect life” none of us actually have, or to struggle with self confidence and comparison. But i also think social media can be used in a very positive and inspiring way. But unfortunately, when i thought about my own account i realized it´s normally focused on what i eat, do, and just “me me me” things. Even though that is a big part of the app, i also want my account to be a real celebration of the people that surround me.

I like to think of the world as one big book formed by millions of pages; each one with the name of a person written down on it. But, did you ever read a book where some pages are missing?? I´ve read some and it is very frustrating and disappointing, it just feels so… INCOMPLETE. Yep, that´s exactly how the world would be if we took away one of its pages (or individuals). The book would not be complete. In order to enjoy and understand a story we have to read every one of its pages, for every person plays a different and important role to form the whole story.

So every now and then i´ll try to share with you different “pages” of this lovely book i call “World”, via instagram and here on my blog. That will give me the chance to take a moment to appreciate and recognize the beauty in others as well as making them see all the virtues i see in them (that maybe they haven´t noticed yet). I´ll be using the hashtag #everypagematters to emphasize how every story is precious for the world. So if you also have an instagram and want to show your love for people or encourage other ones, feel completely free to use it too. I would be utterly charmed. Let the world know the people you love, the people you encounter with, their stories, their passions…. their UNIQUE beauty.


19 thoughts on “#everypagematters

  1. Social apps … its just how we use them… if we use them wisely, we will learn more than alot… but if not used wisely then the circumstances you know…
    P.S: its great that you are on art’s side… god bless you

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  2. Never understood Instagram nor Twitter- But still trying to figure them out lol!

    Anywho- You have a very interesting way to view the world.
    Though for myself, instead of viewing the world as the book?
    I see a single book as the life of an individual.

    In this case, YOU are the author of YOUR BOOK.

    You write your own stories as you live your life and make decisions. Everyday is an update of a few pages and just as how a good novel would be- every chapter would be the story of how YOU face a ‘trial’ and conquer/fail the challenge.

    Just as how when I was a teen growing up, I had the chapter when I was a quiet loner (Some say weirdo lol) and that was the part of MY book when I learned how to deal with social issues and eventually, grew up into young adulthood and got a girlfriend. New chapter begins then, with life being all awesome with my new girlfriend. Then, trouble comes, relationship issues- Do we survive? How long? What happens after everything resolves here? Then so on, you get the idea.

    There’s a reason why they use the term “Your story” and “My story”. I guess this is the reason lol!

    So to me, this world is like a GRAND library and it is filled with many many MANY books.
    Imagine that library which Beast brought Belle to in ‘Beauty and the Beast’
    Link –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehu31SXYLAc

    We may write our own tale in our own books but seriously, the best part about this? It’s the fact that we can help and co-author other people’s books! Enrich our stories together!
    If things go extremely well among 2 individuals, maybe even meld 2 books into 1.

    Lovely concept isn’t it?

    I also love telling people to live their lives to the fullest because you only got one chance to make your story epic- So Carpe Diem!

    Great article, Carola (That’s your name right?). Perhaps you got something to share about YOUR BOOK? 😉

    Your pal,

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    1. Benjamin (could it be Benji or any friendly way?).
      I LOVED reading your “book” hehehe!! I also think each life is a particular book, full of characters we sometimes encounter with sometimes have to leave our stories and many chapters that may seem very joyful and some full of obstacles!!! Thanks for sharing with me your thoughts!!!! I absolutely adore it!!! I thought before writing about each personal book, but i decided to see the world as whole book cause then it was easier to make people realize the impact of each single page (or person), but your view is so deep and beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much!

      You know what?? Im thrilled to know more and more about your book… till now it´s already one i am enjoying a lot. I read about those difficult chapters of your life (when you were more the loner guy) and now im happily reading this chapters where you are such a mature, friendly and thoughtful man!!!!!!

      By the way THANKS for sharing that Beauty and the Beast scene with me… surprisingly it is one of my most favorite movie scenes!!!!!

      And yes, that´s my name!!! And i will think about your recommendation, would love to share my book with you!!! 💛 💛

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      1. Hahaha I love this respond! Thanks for reading “My Story” and then sharing your “Sunshine” and such optimism with me! It’s infectious!

        One can never have enough positivity much like how one can never have enough cash, no?

        Glad that you liked the vid. What did you like about that scene? I like how Beast is like “Do you like it???” 😀
        He’s like a little boy trying to impress his crush and that’s just adorable hah!

        And good, I’m beginning to think that you know more about me than I know about you so we SHOULD look into evening that score hah!
        I will be anticipating a respond that tells me more about “Your Book” soon bud 😉

        Your pal,


      2. My “sunshine” i absolutely adore that term!!! It was a pleasure to read your story, you have a really interesting and inspiring one by the way!!!
        And i do agree with you! One can never have enough positivity! So I’m happy to know i met someone like you who is always adding positivity around!!!!! It´s magical!!!
        I also love how he asks that to Belle, like he tries to make her smile! I love the scene, all the mystery and then when she opens her eyes and the face she does is simply priceless for me!!!!! It makes me dream i was there and it´s just the perfect romance for me (books is one of my love languages i guess hahaha)!!
        I will try to fix that, hopefully soon you´ll get to know more about me =) Thanks for being interested!!!!!
        Warmest hugs,
        Carola 💛

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      3. Ah yes, books and fantasies. That mixed with love, intriguing plot twists and tension is what makes the world go round, no?

        Thanks for even wanting to share your story with me. In my opinion, that says a lot about you and even by the way you’re responding to me, I can tell you’re not just the average type of person. I’d love to see how you’ll handle the beast if you’re Belle as well heh.

        Will be interesting. Lets communicate via email bud, don’t flood the comment box 😉

        Your pal,


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